Coca-Cola light-sign renovation project

My wife was lucky to get hold of a very cheep Coca-Cola sign, that once was a part of a double sided light sign.
Originally two of these plexiglass translucent signs were mounted on each side of an aluminum frame, with a row of florescent tubes between them.

After giving it a thorough cleaning, to remove the grime and moss, that must have accumulated while it hung, for years outside some unknown grill, it ended up on my workbench.

Frame for Coca-Cola light-sign
Frame for Coca Cola light-sign

I started out with building a simple wooden frame, where both the LED strip, and the aluminum could be mounted.

Coca-Cola Lightsign project - 2021
Cocacola Lightsign project – 2021

I used the same type of light strip as in the emergency exit sign, and my large Texaco star.

Coca-Cola light sign project - 2021
Coca-Cola light sign project – 2021

The aluminum profiles cover the wooden frame, and gives the sign a nice authentic 1990’s vibe, like the originals from back then.

Have you done a similar project?

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