Project Bluetooth Jukebox

Some years ago I got hold of this amazing Pioneer jukebox

It’s a Pioneer Laser Juke model CJ-V51, with dual CD players with a cassette system for the CD’s
According to tag with the serial number it was built in Japan in July 1993

The whole lower half is a massive speaker with a 300 watt amplifier.
Two 10” subwoofers, four 4” midrange speakers and two 2,5” tweeters on the side.

The biggest problem was getting the 148 kg brute home and up our stairs.

The Amplifier has a built-in 240 volt power outlet, that turns on and off together with the amplifier.
I used this and the line in connection for my Bluetooth conversion.

When it’s powered on by the remote, it powers up the Bluetooth reciever, and let’s you play your favourite tunes from the phone, while rotating the album art, in all its colourful splendour.


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Not as such.

The Pioneer Jukebox has an amplifier with a AUX input (standard Phono), and an extra 220v plug so that an extra CD player can be connected.
I have mounted a Philips Bluetooth Adapter, with a minijack to Phono adapter to these to internal plugs.
The Philips Bluetooth adapter can no longer be bought, but I’ve used a much smaller and niftier Sandberg Bluetooth Audio Adapter for a newer project.

Hi Peter,just been reserching the same jukebox,do you know where to get spare parts? mine is having issues with the rotating menu,we’ve just pulled it apart and found one of the cogs connected to the belt has cracked and another on its way out.Any info on this would be greatly appreciate. Thanks,Tamara

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