Turning an old Chicken coop heater into a lamp – DIY upgrade

I got hold of an old chicken coop heater from Esbjerg Kyllingemoderfabrik.

It’s probably 60+ years old, and was once used to keep the small chicks warm in the cold Scandinavian weather.
The small metal legs lifted it up from the floor, so the chicks could run in under it, and the metal mesh kept chickens and hay from touching the 500 watt bulb.

After removing the old rotten wires, I replaced them and the socket with a modern one.

The 500W bulb is gone, and instead it’s got a 6W LED bulb, with a nice and cozy warm glow, ready to be mounted over a dining table.

Unfortunately it didn’t fit over ours, so we ended up with letting it go, to someone else.

Chicken warmer from Esbjerg Kyllingemoderfabrik – 2019

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